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Jan-Mark Smith

Osteopath, M.Ost, Dip. Fitness Training & Sports Therapy, Personal Trainer & Progressive Kinesiology, UK GOcC Registered.
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  • Osteopathy
  • Dry Needling


  • English
  • Japanese (learning)


Jan-Mark has over ten years of experience in rehabilitating sports injuries and postural adaptations. This includes treating the Singapore national rock climbing team and Singapore and Indonesian Olympic swimmers. He has a Diploma in Fitness Training and Sports Therapy and is also a qualified personal trainer and UK National Pool lifeguard.

Jan-Mark decided to study osteopathy after seeking treatment for a neck complaint, which had become stiff and painful after a road traffic incident. While primary healthcare services did not alleviate his discomfort, just four osteopathic treatments returned almost full range of motion back in the neck and the pain had considerably reduced.

With his Master’s degree in Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy, Jan-Mark has worked at a multi-disciplinary practice in Hatfield, UK, where he treated semi-professional golf, football and tennis players, along with regular gym enthusiasts.

In Brighton, Jan-Mark worked within a Cranial Osteopathic practice, which specialised in treatment for newborn babies, infants and pre or postnatal women. With his extensive skills in cranial osteopathy, Jan-Mark uses very gentle techniques, making use of his highly trained sense of palpation to identify and correct mechanical dysfunctions. During his time at the Brighton clinic he regularly treated babies, using cranial techniques, for symptoms of colic, reflux and latching difficulties with great success.