Alicia Davenport


“Alicia, BHScND, AdvDipHM, is a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist with over 15 years of
experience in complementary medicine. She graduated with a degree in complementary
medicine from Charles Sturt University, Australia and obtained association membership with the
Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). Prior to joining us, Alicia was practicing
within a genomic healthcare clinic, where she supported many children and adults globally with
especially severe, chronic conditions that often lead her patients to travel the world looking
for answers. Resultantly, she has significant experience and expertise in chronic disease
management, fatiguing disorders, neurological and gastrointestinal health.

The focus of Alicia’s approach is to identify the cause of problems, with respect to allergies, diet,
micronutrient status, lifestyle and energetic changes. This tailored, clinical approach she has
found highly successful at tackling the majority of chronic medical ailments. The style of
naturopathic medicine she offers is evidenced-based whilst taking into account, patient-lived
experience. Alicia is an advocate for changing our current healthcare model to one that is
dedicated to prevention and improved management of complex, chronic disease marathon.

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