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5 Simple Naturopathic Strategies For Your Stressed Child

Naturopathy: a holistic approach to this unique child’s needs You’re 5 years old and getting ready for your first piano recital. Your parents are so excited, but you feel completely nervous and could vomit at the thought of getting up on stage. An hour before your recital, your heart is racing, palms are sweaty, you’re curled […]

The Mind Body Relationship

Our Naturopath explains the Mind Body Relationship: Curious about ways to balance your anxiety, depression, or post-partum emotions? The body is a stealth listener to the mind, and the mind to the body. Practicing awareness of the interplay between the mind and body can be an empowering tool to make us more resilient in the […]

An unlikely friendship: Christmas and the essentials oils

It is Christmas again, and this special time of the year where houses, streets and shops have that distinct Christmassy smell and feel to them.  No wonder, as in our brains smell is closely connected to memory and emotions: incoming aromas are first processed by the olfactory bulb, which starts inside the nose and runs […]

Dehydration: An Underrated Issue

A Naturopath approach to hydration When you find yourself taking doses of medication, quite often a simple glass of water may also have done the trick. As a naturopath I am going to explain the importance of being hydrated especially in the heat and humidity of Singapore. More than 60% of our body mass is […]

The Liver- The detox engine you didn’t know you had

Naturopathy and The Liver How Naturopathy can aid the liver in being the detox engine you didn’t know you had. There is an organ in our body that operates like a huge factory, and in which thousands of chemical reactions take place every second. The most commonly known of which is DETOX! Yes, you guessed […]