Sometimes painkillers and co. just don’t seem to work…

Cramps and sorenesspainkillers still linger and doctors and patient are both baffled. But do we really have to accept our suffering? Is there nothing else left but to passively cover up symptoms as much as possible and just accept our suffering? Functional Medicine may have some of the answers.

Conventional medicine looks out for certain symptoms, gathers them under a disease name and treats them accordingly. And if person A and person B suffer from the same symptoms they are treated in the same way, no matter of their individual background. This approach works when there are acute infections, injuries, problems like an appendicitis, a broken leg or health issues, such that require surgery for instance.

But when it comes to complex ailments like autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease or fatigue the conventional approach doesn’t work that well but functional medicine takes a different approach.

Illnesses like this don’t just have the one approach. But rather are multi-causal and grow on a whole stack of elements which linger for time, undetected, accumulating and suddenly escalating one day as an unspecific symptom.

This is where functional medicine comes in.


functional medicine


Sidney Baker, sometimes considered as the father of functional medicine, once said: “ If you sit on a thumbtack, it is not about to treat the pain it causes you, but to find the thumbtack and remove it”.  And that’s exactly what we do: Find the root cause(s) and remove them.

But to do so we need to look very deep inside the organism. Like detectives a functional practitioner picks up  every single hint from your past (traumatic experiences, former diseases and hospitalisations, family history) and your presence. We take into account if there is chronic stress in your life or if there are sources of toxins burdening your organism. How is your nutrition, your exercise pattern, your sleep. What does your social life look like, relationships, friends?

And then there is functional testing which is a great tool to look behind the scenes. A comprehensive stool test not only discovers good and bad bacterias in the gut but also allows us to understand if there is an inflammation going on inside your intestines, if the pH is right, or if the mucosal lining is intact.

The Organic acid test which offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health with a lot of markers such as Amino Acids, certain vitamins and minerals, neurotransmitters or oxidative stress. A hair test reveals what is going on in terms of minerals and metals, the good ones and the bad ones. A saliva test gives an idea if cortisol, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and others are all in sync and balanced. Not to forget food sensitivity tests to propose a guideline which foods might be a disturbing source for your immune system.

Us naturopaths at City Osteopathy are experienced functional practitioners and if you are keen to know more, just book in for a 15 min free consultation.


About the author

SabineDr. Sabine Schellerer, naturopathic doctor, PhD Human Biology, PGDAM Alternative Medicine, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences.

One of Dr.Sabine’s key approaches in her therapy is basic therapy (Detoxifocation, Drainage, Acid-Alkaline Balance). She uses therapeutic methods such as Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts and Biological Medicines.