Naturopathy and The Liver

How Naturopathy can aid the liver in being the detox engine you didn’t know you had.

There is an organ in our body that operates like a huge factory, and in which thousands of chemical reactions take place every second. The most commonly known of which is DETOX! Yes, you guessed right: I am talking about the liver – our very own ‘super-power’ organ and is very important in naturopathy. It amasses up to 2 kg of weight, and is situated on the right side of our body directly under the ribs.

naturopathy liver detox

The liver operates a big bunch of different functions, some of which include detoxification, protein synthesis, and the production of different substances being essential for our organism. Yet, with the overload of damaging chemicals  our contemporary life style forces on us, this powerful organ is getting increasingly overwhelmed. Substances which don’t belong in our bodies stay in and accumulate rapidly. Typical symptoms of a weak liver are tiredness and insomnia, sluggishness, vertigo, headaches, itching, but also recurrent infections and many, many more. Also unexplained eye problems like tired eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes or troubled vision etc. could be related to a weak liver function. As a such a essential organ it is important it is fully supported and thats where Naturopathy can help.


What to do?

Liver support, that’s what your organ is screaming out for. Even if you’re actually feeling well and healthy, it is recommended that you undergo liver detoxification at least once a year.

There are a number of herbal treatments which provide supportive relief for your liver. Naturopathy amongst other medical professions most commonly use Milk Thistle, but also Yarrow or Artichokes would do the trick. You can enjoy these plants as teas, tinctures or capsules/tablets. Tissue Salt Nr. 10 can be a useful addition to the respective herbs, as it would intensify their effects.

And if you’re skeptical about supplements, you can also support your liver with a simple liver wrap (a warm and moist poultice right above your liver region). Liver wraps are a straightforward remedy that you can apply while you are watching TV or reading a book. Additionally, liver wraps can be a good idea during fasting, to reduce nasty side effects or when experiencing digestive problems. The effect of the wrap is simple: It increases the blood circulation in the liver and gallbladder, and gets this great organ going with immediate effect. Ideally you apply the wrap between noon and 2pm. If you apply it before bedtime it also improves the quality of your sleep.


If you want to find out more about your liver and why it is so important to support it, come and talk to our naturopaths. Pop in for a 15 min free consultation or simply call.

And one last tip: The liver doesn’t like cold feet. So if you are having a meal, make sure to keep your feet warm. Your liver will thank you!


About the author

SabineDr. Sabine Schellerer, naturopathic doctor, PhD Human Biology, PGDAM Alternative Medicine, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences.

One of Dr.Sabine’s key approaches in her therapy is basic therapy (Detoxifocation, Drainage, Acid-Alkaline Balance). She uses therapeutic methods such as Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts and Biological Medicines.