Naturopathy and the immune system

Ill again? Everybody around you sniffles and you seem to catch every single bug that lingers in the air? Naturopathy could help.

There are many reasons why the immune system is weak and doesn’t seem to do its job. Toxins, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and not to forget – a weakened gut: Very often people find themselves in a vicious circle of being sick – antibiotics – the gut flora goes – the immune system weakens – you’re ill again- back to the antibiotics, and so on… The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. There are easy and efficient ways for you to strengthen yonaturopathy immunityur immune system using naturopathy.

Firstly, and most importantly: Look after your intestinal microflora and never do antibiotics without probiotics. If you’re taking antimicrobial medication, you can support the growth of the good bugs in your body with so called prebiotics, which are food for the good guys in your gut, such as inulin in bananas, chicory or pulses. Mushroom lovers, for instance, should stick with their favourite food as they are full of prebiotics.

Toxins are hard to avoid in our modern world. They seem to be everywhere: in and on fruits, vegetables, in and on our clothes, in the air we breathe, in and on our kid’s toys, in and on your favourite water bottle, your daily face cream or your perfume…

Luckily our bodies have everything in place to get rid of all those chemicals. In naturopathy we believe to support these systems you should detox at least once or twice a year. Your liver, your kidneys, and your lymphatic system will thank you. Foot reflexology, cupping or deep breathing are additional powerful measurements to support the excretory organs even more. And if you like to take a bath, a hay flower bath once every now and then will also do the trick.

If the cold has already struck, trying using these naturopathy tips to shake it off faster.

At first sign – try having a hot and spicy ginger tea and eat some spicy food to sweat the cold out. Additionally, a footbath with mustard seed flour increases the blood circulation in your upper respiratory tract. Rinsing your arms and legs off with a cold shower will also boost the immune system. It is also a good idea to use saline nasal spray as often as possible throughout the day to moisturise the nasal mucosa and make it harder for a virus to connect and enter your system.

Finally, mother nature gave us the elderberry or elmbark to strengthen the immune system. Echinacea is another magical herb to help boost the immune system, but please be careful here and only us up to 5 days for self-medication.

Furthermore, astragalus has the power to fight off a virus, as well as good old oregano oil. And everybody knows about Vitamin C as one of the most efficient immune enhancers and antioxidants. Nutritious food and lots of sleep will do the rest if an infection has struck you down.

But if you cannot shake off this cold, if it comes back more than 3 times a year in adults and 8 times a year in children, come and see your doctor or naturopath. They will make sure there is nothing nasty hidden behind a recurrent infection.

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About the author

SabineDr. Sabine Schellerer, naturopathic doctor, PhD Human Biology, PGDAM Alternative Medicine, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences.

One of Dr.Sabine’s key approaches in her therapy is basic therapy (Detoxifocation, Drainage, Acid-Alkaline Balance). She uses therapeutic methods such as Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts and Bioogical Medicines.