So what is Naturopathy


Naturopathic medicine is a health care system that emphasizes on prevention and enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal. Naturopathic doctors use therapeutic modalities such as botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and Homeopathics to address individual needs and health concerns. Once we take in a detailed initial asessment of our patient’s concerns and goals, we work on individualised short term and long term plans to achieve optimal health. Dr. Shirley Mirpuri is a Canadian trained naturopathic doctor working at our clinic.


What conditions can Naturopathy help with?

Some common concerns that Dr. Shirley frequently sees in practice are patients with allergies, digestive ailments, poor immune health, chronic fatigue, stress, thyroid conditions, and general health management.

We have two wonderful Naturopaths on board our team. Please call our Robinson road branch for an appointment with Sabine Schellerer or our Guthrie house branch for an appointment with Dr Shirley Mirpuri.
Robinson Rd (+65) 62222451
Guthrie House (+65) 63144440

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