Skin Problems – There is more behind the scenes

Skin Problems a Naturopath approach- There is more behind the scenes

Waiting rooms of doctors, naturopath and health consultants all over the world are packed with patients who suffer from multiple skin conditions; eczema, hives, itching, just to name a few. Yet at the same time, skin problems especially when they return chronically are one of the most difficult health issues to treat or cure. No wonder  the medical community was bursting with excitement when corticosteroids entered the market at the end of the 1960s. No more hassle with the skin so it seemed. Infectious disease would be mastered with external antibiotics and antifungals, chronic allergic and inflammatory ailments with the newly invented super-weapons.



How wrong they were. Now, nearly 50 years later we understand that the chronic use of corticosteroids does in fact, after a quick relief, cause additional and more serious complications. Because skin problems are more than just a problem of the skin a condition as a naturopath I know too well. As the skin itself is much more than just a cover which is wrapped around us. Every student in primary school learns that the skin is one of the sensory organs on one level with eyes, ears and tongue. With most of the inner organs being reflectoricly connected to the skin, just like a window, it allows us a glimpse deep inside our bodies: If its inner partners suffer so does the skin. At the same time, the skin is a sophisticated excretory organ which is urgently needed to cleanse ourselves from all kinds of toxic waste. And last but not least the skin has an active relationship with our vegetative nervous system and the gut.


With this background in mind, you may now understand why corticosteroids cannot be successful and that they are no more than a band-aid, even worse, can be quite damaging in the long run. Because they suppress. They make us ignore the body’s scream for help but instead push the disease even deeper inside. Ancient civilisations were already acutely aware that eczema and co want to be translated. That a skin disease can only be cured by finding the root cause or “thumbtack” and remove it. Whatever the root cause is, homoeopathy, herbal therapies, orthomolecular treatments, traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, they all aim to discover it and help the body to heal itself.


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About the author

SabineDr. Sabine Schellerer, is a naturopath, PhD Human Biology, PGDAM Alternative Medicine, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences.

One of Dr.Sabine’s key approaches in her therapy is basic therapy (Detoxifocation, Drainage, Acid-Alkaline Balance). She uses therapeutic methods such as Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts and Biological Medicines.