Callum graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Osteopathy and a Bachelor of Science degree from Unitec Institute of Technology. He has been working in a busy private clinic in central Auckland, New Zealand for the last 6 years.

Callum has a keen interest in health, both personally and professionally. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors, surfing and keeping fit and healthy while motivating patients to do the same.

He is confident in using a wide range of structural and functional techniques and enjoys treating patients of all ages and fitness levels; from children to office workers to professional athletes. He has a special interest in how our bodies adapt to both the expected and unexpected demands of everyday life; whether that involves stairs, desks and office life or heavy lifting and elite sports training. Callum’s masters thesis investigated how we can measure specific lower back and pelvic joint stiffness. This sparked his interest in how Osteopathy can help maintain correct function of all joints, muscles and body tissues and how dysfunction can affect how our bodies cope with, and adapt to the many stressors of daily life.

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