Charlotte Spencer



UK Chartered Physiotherapist, AHPC registered, ISCO Certified Bike Fit Specialist, Equine practitioner

Charlie graduated from King’s College, London and worked as a physiotherapist in the National Health Service before specialising in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions.

Her pathway to physiotherapy followed a successful career in the circus as a trapeze artist and as an equestrian stunt performer, with roles including playing the female knight in live county shows, jousting and sword fighting

This performance background has enabled her to understand her patients from a personal perspective when it comes to injury, rehabilitation and returning to activities of daily life along with the physical and psychological demands required in sport and competition.

Charlie believes in a hands on approach to treatment and works collaboratively with her clients to develop an individual rehabilitation programme. Treatment techniques include manual therapy, myofacia release, taping, strength and conditioning and sport specific exercises. 

Charlie specialises in equestrian rider analysis and biomechanics. Working in the UK with riders of all levels including the Great British University team, junior event rider and seniors competing up to 4 star level (Olympic level). By understanding a riders biomechanics when sitting in the saddle, she is able to make subtle changes to correct & improve functional patterns, posture and core stability to enhance rider performance and prevent injury.


With her extensive knowledge of the horse’s musculoskeletal system and her success in competition, Charlie is able to treat the horse’s whole body, by relieving muscle tension and compensatory tension. This allows the horse to function at his optimum.

Sports massage is a powerful tool in examining the musculoskeletal system which can relieve muscle spasms/tension before the signs become obvious, along with assisting recovery and relaxation after competition.

Treatments may include soft tissue release, acupressure, passive stretching and exercises to help alleviate pain, improve flexibility and enhance performance.

Equine sports massage is a therapy to be used in conjunction with a farrier, saddle fitter and all animals must be under regular veterinary care. All work carried out is in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, which states that veterinary consent must be approved before working on any animal.

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