Daniele Caminiti grew up in Italy and he studied both in Milan and London. Daniele graduated from Accademia Italiana di Medicina Osteopatica of Saronno and the British College of Osteopathic Medicine of London. He is member of the General Osteopathic Council and has been working since 2013

While in Italy he worked with an Orthopaedic clinic and collaborated with a gynaecologist practice. He is specialised in treatment during pregnancy and he was trained for many years in paediatric osteopathy in which he strongly believes as the best expression as preventive therapy.

Daniele uses different Osteopathic approaches depending on the case. He has an extensive knowledge of structural, fascial, visceral and craniosacral Osteopathy.

He believes the body should be considered as a whole unit. He does not take into consideration only the musculoskeletal system but he considers every single aspect of the patient including nutrition and the biopsychosocial influences as all part of a unique picture.

Daniele has always been passionate about helping others in a holistic manner. To him a good and open communication between the practitioner and patient is essential in order to collaborate for their common goal: health. Daniele is also a specialist in jaw-related issues and sports injuries.

Daniele is a football player, likes yoga and Pilates but his passion is sailing. His interests have helped him to understand the common injuries athletes face and provide evidence based treatment plans which are a combination of Osteopathic treatment, specific exercises and specific advice.

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