My name is Dr Magdalena Schauenberg and by gaining my PhD in Psychology & Education has provided me with an excellent foundation for my interests in Sports & Nutrition Psychology, Mental Training and Running. For ten years, I managed a health center in Germany and felt personally responsible for the training development and welfare of our clients. During this time, I have learned to apply the principles of Sports Psychology to effectively address the specific needs of each client.

As a Certified Running Coach, I also developed advanced analytical skills. I am readily able to see the difficulties with someone’s running and suggest simple, practical and effective corrective measures for them to follow.


Performance Testing is also a very important part of Sports Training in order to establish a starting point and measure subsequent progress. The measurement of breathing during an activity such as running or cycling known as Ergospirometry (e.g. aeroscan) is commonly used and provides useful information for clients to improve health and performance.

Functional Screening as well is a great way to support sports performance, improvement after injury and to avoid one sided weaknesses.

The results of such testing are key factors in the planning of further training for professional athletes and social athletes as well.

For nearly five years, I have been working with my husband in the field of professional sports in Singapore. Working with footballers, runners and boxers from different cultural backgrounds in South-East Asia has been challenging and very worthwhile at the same time.

I have many years of experience in the fields of Psychology & Nutrition as well. Finding new and practical ways to help people break through their personal barriers on their way to losing weight healthily is something I find both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Coaching with the goal to reduce stress is another important part of my work and commonly used by many business people and young parents. Tailoring simple strategies to the individual and helping them make the smaller changes they need, Step-By-Step, to reach their larger goals whether they want to reduce stress, lose weight or increase mental resilience and performance is the key part of my coaching.

coach athletes who want to improve their focus and mental performance, as well as anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and nutrition or wants to reduce stress.

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