The human body is not designed to sit at a desk and work at a computer. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to suffer from various problems due to prolonged periods of stressful times in front of a PC. Our clinic offers maintenance treatments to these patients, typically for low back and neck pain, but also for many other symptoms relating to Workplace Health and manifestations of pain.

Learning to sit appropriately at your desk, getting up from your desk regularly and doing stretches can help alleviate symptoms brought on by desk-bound jobs. We also offer professional on-site ergonomic assessments in your office. As experienced practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to understand how the body works and therefore how the individual workplace can be adjusted to minimise the risk of injuries and pains. We are one of few UK-trained specialists in Singapore and have provided Ergonomic Assessment services at leading companies such as the BBC, PwC, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and large law firms.

Our on-site ergonomic assessments are tailored to each client’s specific needs. This includes both detailed seated and standing posture analysis as well as an ergonomic assessment of desk and computer set-up, usually with minimal need for ergonomic posture products, as well as tailored advice for stretching and other preventative measures.

Our practitioners are also able to give corporate or individual advice sessions on Manual Handling. These can have a ‘hands-on’ practical approach as well as the more formal education component. Depending on the company’s requirements – the content of the sessions can be adapted to the need and types of groups participants.

Please contact us for any questions or advice about workplace health, or for further information about our on-site desk assessment services and rates.


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