What does the Training Involve / How Safe is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy, at present, is the fastest growing and safest allied health profession in Australia. Osteopaths are registered with the medical board in Australia and the general osteopathic council in the UK. Osteopaths like general practitioners are classified as primary care practitioners meaning they are trained and registered to diagnose and treat in Osteopathy. To be registered, Osteopaths must complete a science degree and a post graduate masters degree in Osteopathy, a total of four or five years full-time tertiary training (depending on which college you train at). All courses involve a two year internship where real patients are treated in an out-patients clinic.

The training is broad and diverse and includes a wide range of techniques including neck, spinal and pelvic mobilization, manipulation and balancing, cranial, cranio-sacral and sacro-occipital techniques including jaw or TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) re-alignment, soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, myo-fascial and neuro-muscular release techniques, trigger point therapy, stretching, strain / counter strain techniques and visceral techniques for constitutional problems of the cardio-vascular, gastro-intestinal, pulmonary, lymphatic and uro-genital systems.

Osteopathy is a very safe, gentle and effective system because of the time taken in preparing the soft tissues prior to joint mobilization and so safe it is used on children, the elderly, pregnant women and even new born babies.