What can I expect on my first visit to an osteopath or physiotherapist?

At City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy an initial Assessment session lasts for 30 – 45 minutes dependent on the complexity of your problem and individual practitioner.

At the first consultation, the health practitioner will compile a full case history of your symptoms, and may ask you for additional information about your lifestyle and diet. They will observe you making some simple movements to help make the diagnosis. You will usually be asked to remove some clothing near the area of the body to be examined.

Both Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are trained to examine areas of the body using a highly-developed sense of touch, known as palpation. They may use different techniques to determine conditions and identify the body’s dysfunction. They provide a ‘package’ of care that includes skilled mobilizing and manipulative techniques, reinforced by guidance on exercise and lifestyle advice. Osteopaths may give more specific advice on diet and its contribution to your problem.

The practitioner at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan, estimating the likely number of sessions needed to treat your condition effectively. If the Physio /Osteopath thinks that your condition is unlikely to respond to their particular speciality, they may suggest that you see another specialist with different skills within the practice or alternatively you will be advised about how to seek further care. Both Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are skilled in diagnostic techniques and trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP or other medical practitioner. City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy work closely with Orthopaedic surgeons/ Podiatrists/ GP’s as well as other medical and complementary practitioners and will be able to advise on suitable specialists with a special interest in your problem.