Fred graduated with BSc in Physical Therapy in 2012, and received his Clinical Masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth in 2018. He places a strong emphasis on professional development and to that end, he continues to train and has completed postgraduate courses in manual therapy and manipulation.

Fred is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional physiotherapist who strives to provide his clients with high value care. He has had clinical experience in hospitals in Taiwan and Singapore for 5 years.

He has treated a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal patients in inpatient and outpatient setting. Being fluent in speaking English, Mandarin and Hokkien, Fred is a good communicator to patients with different language preferences. His goal is to empower you to achieve the best results possible, whether that be returning to the sport you love or being able to lift your child pain-free. During a treatment with Fred you can expect a thorough assessment and the formulation of an evidence-based treatment plan in line with your goals.

Outside of work, Fred enjoys playing basketball with friends, goes to gym for weight training and challenges his limit. He understands that keep moving is the only way to keep healthy and that is what he told his patients as well.

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