Jolinna Chan

Senior Physiotherapist | CBD (Robinson Road)

Registered Physiotherapist in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, AHPC Registered, MSc in Health Care( Rehabilitation Technology)

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Expertise: Post operation rehabilitation, Sports Injury , Manual therapy, Kinesiology taping, patients with musculoskeletal disorders

Jolinna Chan | Physiotherapy at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Jolinna graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic and has worked as a physiotherapist in public hospitals and rehabilitation centers for the past 30 years. Jolinna worked as the Trauma and Sports team leader before joining City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. During her tenure as the team leader, the rehabilitation center was named a Hong Kong centre of excellence and recognised as a clinical educator for student physiotherapists.

Jolinna has extensive experience in post-operative rehabilitation, particularly in fractures, nerve repair, ligament repair, tendon repair, and ACLR. Jolinna has many years of experience treating ACLR patients and has shared her experience and rehabilitation outcomes at the Hong Kong Orthopaedic congress and forum.

Jolinna also has on-the-ground experience supporting high-risk sports events such as marathons and trailwalkers. She believes in holistic healing and treats patients with manual therapy, electrotherapy, and exercise therapy. Aside from patient education, she values the prevention of recurring injuries.

In her free time, Jolinna enjoys jogging and swimming and occasionally in a game of squash to reminisce the time when she was a competitive player in her younger days. Jolinna has two adorable sons in secondary school.