Neck and Spine

Neck and back problems and discomfort one the most condition seen in our clinics. These problems can vary from simple strains to more serious problems like disc herniations and nerve issues. The spine itself can be separated into three segments: cervical (the neck area), thoracic (your upper back) and lumbar (lower back) and can be treated by our Osteopaths and Physiotherapist.

Initial treatment sessions will look to reduce pain and improve range of movement and dysfunction. This is usually seen within 1-3 sessions. Further sessions may be prescribed where rehab and exercise are done to improve any weakness or limitation that may have caused the initial problem or occurred followed your neck or back injury. A thorough assessment by our therapy team will also include assessment of the joints around the surrounding injury that my contribute or cause compensation.

Common conditions treated:
Cervical Radiculopathy
Outlet Syndrome
Lumbar SprainThoracic
HeadachesSlipped DiscSpondylolisthesis
WhiplashSpinal StenosisSpondylosis
Facet SyndromeLumbar InstabilityScoliosis
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