Post Operative Physiotherapy

Pre and Post Operative physiotherapy is an essential component of rehab and recovery following a post- operative condition. We work very closely with the Surgeon in charge to tailor an individual rehabilitation plan to your abilities and goals to ensure you return to 100%. We ensure that all of our patients have the best evidence-based rehab at the right stage of their recovery and research has shown that this helps to promote the best possible out from surgery.

Incomplete rehabilitation following a surgery can be disastrous and lead to further problems that are sometimes worse than the original issue. Our therapist at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy provide a variety of techniques, skills and exercises to ensure that you stay on top of your rehab safely and effectively.

Common Post Op Conditions:
Rotator Cuff RepairMeniscus Repair/DebridementAchilles Repair
Bankart RepairTotal Knee ReplacementMicrodiscectomy
SLAP RepairPCL ReconstructionTILF
ACL reconstructionATFL ReconstructionACDF



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