Hina Hersson – Osteopath

Hina Hersson

Hina graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in London and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) in the UK. She brings a wealth of professional experience having worked for many years in private osteopathic clinics and fitness centres across London before moving to Singapore in 2012. Hina is also an expert in workplace health and has worked with many corporate clients.

In order to effectively help her patients, Hina firmly believes in not only treating the symptoms but also understanding the specific underlying musclo-skeletal problems and how these may be related to each person's different lifestyle and working environment. As such, she often likes to incorporate streching exercises and postural and other preventive advice as part of her overall treatment. To complement her osteopathic skills, she isalso trained in ergonomics and custom-made orthotics.

Through her effective and personalised approach Hina has extensive experience in successfully treating a wide variety of patients, including office-based professionals, sports enthusiasts and athletes, and pregnant women and children. Her philosophy is to work closely with each patient and to help them understand the causes of their problems.

In recognition of her expertise in challenging workplace environments, Hina has worked with many established companies such the London Fire Brigade, the BBC and several financial institutions and law firms helping them with ergonomic workplace and desk assessments, as well as providing osteopathic treatment and advice.