If you are struggling with your weight you might consider coaching. Everybody knows tips and tricks from various diets and health advice. Often people already lost several pounds successfully, but gained the weight (and some pounds more) back after a short period of time. The reason is the gap between knowledge and the ability to transform it into the daily lifestyle on a regular basis. Weight loss coaching will help you to identify reasons of your weight gain – which are often not even obvious – and will help you to create simple solutions which will work for you without starvation and a rigid nutrition regime.





Feeling stressed seems to be normal for quite a big amount of people these days. Requirements from job, family, leisure time and social media are adding up and leave us back feeling exhausted and chased. Coaching is a great tool learning to identify the reasons and habits which stress you out the most. Small changes in your daily routine, tiny habits and strategies can make a big difference on your health and wellbeing.