Weight Loss

Importance of Weight Loss

Being overweight is not just about aesthetics. It can also be a precursor for many chronic physical and psychological conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and most other diseases you can think of.

But there is no one simple answer on how to address it. The conventional approach “calories in/calories out” or in other words, eat less, move more, is overly simplistic.

To be sure, overeating could be the cause of someone being overweight, but often it is caused by something much more complex. Looking at the underlying metabolic, hormonal, environmental, and other factors can be key in determining the true cause of stubborn weight gain or difficulty in losing weight.

There is not a one-size approach to weight loss that fits everyone. When creating a customized plan for our patients, we really get to know them; their habits, preferences, and particular health needs. And while losing weight often starts with nutrition, other lifestyle modifications are usually critical for meeting your weight loss goals.

At City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy, we focus on 4 key areas:


We customize your nutritional plan to include a focus on whole, real and unprocessed foods. Eating nutrient-dense, high quality foods helps reduce inflammation and supports a healthy gut microbiome. Our approach is not about the latest fad diet. Everyone responds differently to different eating styles; whether it is Paleo, Mediterranean, plant-based or ketogenic, we can find the plan that works for you and is sustainable for you in the long run.


Shorter sleep duration correlates with increased body weight and other metabolic disorders.Focusing on good sleep hygiene and aiming for 8 – 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep is an often overlooked, but crucial piece of the weight loss puzzle.


Studies show that chronic stress can contribute to obesity for several reasons. Comfort eating to soothe emotions is one reason; and increased cortisol levels in response to stress can promote belly fat is another. There is no way to eliminate stress but there are surprisingly simple strategies that can help you manage it better.


We have all heard the phrase “you can’t exercise a bad diet”, and you can’t. But exercise still has several benefits that can support your weight loss goals. Most people who find an exercise routine and stick with it, lose weight and maintain that weight loss more easily than those who don’t. The right type of exercise also helps in other key areas such as stress relief and helps promote restful sleep.

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