Lose Weight, feel great & beat Disease with Nutrition

Whether you are struggling with weight loss, seeking help for a specific condition, or just want to feel better, our nutritionist at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy is here to support you.

We know that the road to health isn’t one size fits all.  We don’t provide you with a diet template or generic plan, we give you lifestyle solutions tailored to your own unique needs, health history, goals and preferences. Our goal is to provide you with a sustainable plan that helps you build healthier eating habits that work for you not only for the 6 – 8 weeks that you work with us, but for the long term.

We subscribe to a food first philosophy and we regularly help our clients understand how food can impact not only their physical well-being but also their mental and emotional health.  We combine the latest in nutritional science, supplementation, and behavior change strategies to help give you the comprehensive knowledge, tools and confidence to take control of your health.

Nutrition can help you with

> Weight loss and weight management
> Heart disease prevention and management
> Gastrointestinal conditions including irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders
> Diabetes prevention and management
> Fatigue
> Hormonal imbalance
> Anxiety and Depression

Therapeutic Diet Plans

Our nutritionists have a variety of therapeutic diet plans that can be tailored to address your specific needs. These include:

  • The low FODMAP diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO and other digestive disorders
  • The Specific Carbohydrate Diet For Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • The Comprehensive Elimination Diet for identifying adverse food reactions, food intolerances or sensitivities
  • The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to reduce inflammation, promote gut healing, and diminish autoimmune-related symptoms

Healthy way of living by eating the Foods you enjoy

Our mission is to empower you to embrace a healthy way of living while eating the foods you enjoy. Nutrition should not be complicated and therapeutic diets are with a few exceptions (ie. A gluten free diet for Celiac Disease), for gut healing in the short term. We know you don’t have hours in your day to spend in the kitchen, planning complicated menus and shopping for obscure ingredients. Our goal is to make healthy eating accessible and sustainable to help you feel your best.

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