Visceral Osteopathy

What is Visceral Osteopathy?

Visceral Osteopathy is a manual therapy treatment method that encourages mobility of the abdominal and pelvic organs. Visceral manipulation helps release tensions in connective tissues and ligaments to aid optimal movement and health and ultimately better functioning of the whole body. Visceral Osteopaths say that “the body hugs the lesion”; it is as if the body is twisting around the tense area.

Visceral Restrictions

Viscera refers to the internal organs of our bodies within our ribcage, pelvis and abdomen, for instance, the liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, spleen, bladder, uterus and prostate. These organs are not able to move around freely in our body cavities because they are held in position to perform at their optimum via ligaments and connective tissue (fascia). Their positions and function are essential for the function of the other organs and spine, for movement. 

If there is a problem with one or more of the viscera then this can cause pain in different body parts and affect overall well-being. For instance, an inflamed gallbladder can put pressure on a nerve (the phrenic nerve) that can produce a nerve pain (neuropathy) that travels to the right shoulder.

Visceral restrictions can also create postural changes. When an organ is not moving correctly it can create tensions in the ligaments and connective tissue that gradually cause twists or torsions that can lead to the body twisting to one side or the other.

Why do Visceral Restrictions occur?

There are number of reasons why visceral restrictions can occur for example:

  • Surgery can lead to scar tissue that creates tension in the tissues
  • Accidents, such as a car or motorbike accident
  • Infection or viruses can inflame or irritate organs
  • Autoimmune diseases can damage organs

At City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy, our Visceral trained osteopaths use visceral  manipulation techniques in a holistic manner, aiming to re-establish good health. These techniques are non invasive and may be used in all age groups. Book now!

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