Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Tissue Release?

“Myo” means muscle and “fascia” means the surrounding net or web of connective tissue.

Myofascia is what holds everything in your body together, it gives stability and connects everything.

It is very strong and flexible in a healthy state. It helps to maintain good posture, joint range of motion, gives strength and helps us to manage injuries.
If we are injured from a fall, surgery, postural issues, whiplash for example, the myofascia of our body may become restricted and create tension throughout the rest of the body as it compensates for the injury.

Myofascial tissue release or myofascial release massage is a hand on type of therapy which can help to break down scar tissue, relax muscle tension, improve posture and circulation and improve the health of injured myofascia. It is a relaxing therapy that can have long lasting relief from pain and enhance recovery.

Is Myofascial Release Therapy painful?

The pressure applied by your myofascial therapist when receiving myofascial release therapy can range from gentle touch to deep pressure. They may also use myofascial stretching techniques.

The pressure should not go beyond your pain tolerance, so your therapist will ask for feedback during the treatment.

How do I know if I need Myofascial Release?

We recommend that you discuss with your practitioner to decide your treatment plan and they will incorporate myofascial release technique in accordance with this.

Myofascial Release can be used for:

> Whiplash injuries
> Sports injuries
> Lower back pain
> Neck pain
> Shoulder pain and injuries
> Headaches
> Arthritis
> Pelvic floor
> Repetitive strain syndrome
> Hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries
> Visceral release in the abdomen
> Plus many more…

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