Proprioception Training

What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is the body’s ability to sense movement in joints. It allows us to move in a coordinated way.

How does Proprioception work?

Receptors in your body sense tension and stretch prior to movement and send information to the brain which allows your muscles to be activated.

This process happens very fast and without you having to think about it.

After an injury the receptors are damaged and so less information reaches your brain.  As a result your joints can feel odd, uncoordinated or less than 100%.

Can Proprioception be trained?

With special exercises your proprioceptive system can be re-trained and help you to either recover from injury, or generally improve coordination.

If you improve your healthy receptors in the area of injury, with training they will compensate for the damaged ones and you will be able to return to normal more quickly with much less chance of re-injury. 

What Exercises increase Proprioception?

It is recommended to work with your physical therapist to make sure that you are choosing the right exercises to recover from injury or to help to enhance your performance. Exercises for proprioception are ones that challenge your balance and increase awareness of your body.

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