AD, 43 yr-old working mother of two

When I first met with the naturopathic doctor, I was feeling at least a quarter of a century older than I am, and couldn't see how my situation could improve.  A series of medical issues occurring over at least a decade, including 5 miscarriages, 2 ectopic pregnancies, an autoimmune disease, a blood disease, depression, adrenal fatigue and a MTHFR gene mutation, were wreaking havoc on me mentally, emotionally and physically.

After seeing the naturopathic doctor for less than four months, I already have 'me' back, which I consider completely miraculous.  The naturopathic doctor’s meticulous attention to detail, and extraordinary level of expertise complemented by genuine empathy and care, is nothing short of phenomenal.  The fact that they could enable such a positive impact on my quality of life in such a short space of time is absolutely incredible, and on top of that they were kind enough to still let me enjoy a glass or two of wine in the evenings. 🙂

I couldn't recommend the naturopathic doctors more highly, and will be always indebted to them for what they’ve accomplished in my health care.