Mrs Francesca Last

As my pregnancy developed my body became less stable; my body loosened up in preparation for delivery and my weight increased putting strain on my neck, hips and lower back which seemed to lock up and tighten in response! The staff at City Osteopathy were able to relieve the discomfort through manipulation and articulation. The relief was immediate and I felt so much more flexible and comfortable. The treatment was gentle and pain free. I was able to pop back as and when I needed when my shape changed throughout the 9 months of my pregnancy putting strain on new areas of my body. I sincerely believe that the work they did to keep my hips mobile and comfortable helped me to have a swift, natural delivery for my daughter helped by only 2 paracetamol! I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so as it soon became clear that I wasn’t the only person who had been seeking pregnancy-friendly osteopathic treatment.