Ms Loretta Dalpozzo

After almost 11 months of being sleep-deprived, I started being desperate and of course worried for my baby daughter, who couldn’t sleep properly. She cried a lot at night but also during the day. We really tried everything. Of course she must have been tired after so many months without proper sleep and, somehow, in pain.

Being already a mother of a four year-old, who always slept well, I felt something was wrong. I read about cranial osteopathy for crying babies, who don’t sleep and I had a good feeling about it – I was right. I am so grateful to have met the osteopaths at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy, because my baby changed a lot after the first session.

The crying during the day stopped immediately and after the 3rd session, she also started sleeping like an angel through the night, for 12 hours in a row, which she still does. The practitioners have been working on my baby’s tight back and her weak stomach and I have no doubts that they helped my daughter greatly.

My baby and I are both so much happier and I strongly recommend cranial osteopathy.