Zoe McParlin graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy, the oldest teaching institution in the UK enabling her to gain experience treating patients of all ages from infants to the elderly. She is also registered with the GOsc in the uk

Zoe has gained experience working within the NHS and privately in both London and Cardiff before moving to Singapore.

Zoe McParlin has previously worked in children’s, and pregnancy clinic acquiring valuable clinical skills and knowledge. She regularly uses a wide variety of osteopathic techniques including both structural and cranial-sacral, sports massage, kinesio taping as well as dry needling in order to create a well-rounded and personalized treatment plan. Zoe will regularly give patients exercises and advice in order to continue and get back to doing whatever they are passionate about. She believes it is vital that every patient understand why and the mechanism behind why they are in pain in order to aid a speedy and optimal recovery.

Zoe has a keen interest in a wide variety of sports, with a particular passion for running. She has also worked in a sports clinic specializing in running and collaborated with football and rugby clubs in past, regularly working pitch side.

Zoe has a post graduate certificate in pain management and is currently doing a Master’s Degree in in the same field specializing on neck and shoulder pain in office workers.

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