Our resident trekking enthusiast/Physiotherapist Danielle gives her top tips for pre-climb prep, avoiding potential injuries along the way and helping you conquer that summit!



1. Start early! Gradually increase your training frequency and intensity. A quick change from flat level to uphill activities is likely to put you at risk of injury.

2. Cardio! Most treks involve long hours of walking so you will need to have a good level of physical fitness to avoid fatiguing before the top. Initiate a progressive brisk walk/jogging program along a hilly area. Gym bunnies; make sure to keep increasing the incline on your treadmill. My top tip for those living in a high rise is to ditch the lift and take the stairs up and down daily- the higher the better.

3. Strengthen up! Initiate an all round lower limb strengthening program with emphasis on Quads strength. Coming down not up is often the culprit and without good knee control descending can be a nightmare. Step-downs and calf raises as below are a good starting off point.




4. Balance exercises! Most climbs have very uneven terrains that can put you at risk of an ankle sprain or even a fall if you’re not in control.

5. Appropriate gear! A good pair of hiking boots can help to prevent an ankle injury while a pair of trekking poles might save your knees from a lifetime of pain!

6. And finally- enjoy your adventure!

For further advice and detailed training programs or post trek treatment make an appointment with Danielle today!