Get Better, Stay Better

We are committed to providing the highest quality of osteopathic and physiotherapy centre in Singapore. We meet versatility and care demand by incorporating a multidisciplinary, gentle, and caring hands-on approach aimed at treating causes not symptoms.


80 Robinson Road
Singapore 068896
+65 6222 2451


1 Fifth Avenue
#03-02 Guthrie House
Singapore 268802
+65 6314 4440


8 Sinaran Drive, #06-15
Novena Specialist Centre
Singapore 307470
+65 6339 9936

Compassion in our patient care

We are focused on providing a holistic solution to your pain, dysfunction or other issues you may present. As your osteopath, physiotherapist, or naturopath, we care about your progress and apply only safe and effective treatments to aid your return to normal activities of life.


Centred around the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disorders and conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system.


Our physiotherapy clinic helps patients find both short and long-term relief while offering professional advice for prevention.


An integrative form of medicine that focuses on prevention, addressing the symptoms’ causes and promoting the body’s natural healing properties.


Sports massage therapy uses techniques specific to every athlete’s sport of choice. It is also is also a key aspect of a balanced training programme.


Work with us to come up manageable plans to aid in weight loss, improve health and reduce the risk of chronic conditions


Using sight, palpation and an animals history we will attempt to diagnose and resolve physical dysfunctions and ailments.

Unlock your Potential with us

Our Western-trained team has years of professional experience and knows how to treat the connections linking the entire body, with a variety of different approaches. By understanding these links and how they interact with movement, we can give you the care you need to move freely and pain-free.

Whether it’s working with you through surgical recovery or addressing an aching joint, our team puts your needs first as your body is guided through a natural healing process and regains physical wellbeing.