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Manual Therapy

By targeting certain muscles and joints during massage-like manipulations, this treatment method helps improve mobility and range of motion while also relieving stress. From reducing chronic pain to improving movement habits, manual therapy works wonders on physical ailments without causing any undue strain on your already hectic routine.

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What is manual therapy & how does it work?

Manual therapy is a form of hands-on physical treatment that uses various techniques to diagnose and treat medical problems. The techniques include kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilisation and joint manipulation.

It restores balance in the body by releasing restrictions or tissue tension and can also improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation and increase range of motion.

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. It uses manual manipulation of muscles, joints and soft tissues to help restore normal movement and alleviate pain.

What are the benefits of manual therapy?

Manual therapy is incredibly beneficial for those looking for relief from pain, stress, and tension. One of the main benefits of manual therapy is that it can help to speed up recovery time from injury. This treatment helps to relax muscles and joints, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. This can provide relief from a range of different conditions and ailments, such as chronic pain, sports injuries, and headaches.

Manual therapy is also a great way to maintain good physical health and wellbeing. Regular manual therapy sessions can help improve posture, reduce stress levels and even improve circulation.

Are there any risks associated with manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a safe and effective treatment option with few risks. The techniques used are gentle and should not hurt or cause injury.

How long is a manual therapy session?

Most sessions range from 15-30 minutes long. The length of your treatment depends on your condition and your body’s responsiveness to the various techniques.

Who Can Benefit from Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is suitable for a wide range of people.

Manual therapy is often used to treat conditions such as neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. It can improve joint mobility, especially for those with arthritis, or improve circulation, which is important for people with conditions like diabetes or Raynaud’s disease.

Manual therapy techniques vary depending on the condition being treated. If you are considering using manual therapy as a treatment option, be sure to book a consultation to find out if it is suitable for your condition and needs. Our expert team will advise you on whether manual therapy is suitable for you and, if not, which other modalities may be most effective.

Treating neck pain with manual therapy

For neck & back pains, our manual therapy experts may use mobilisation techniques to release tension in the muscles and joints.  They can also use manipulation techniques on the spine and joints to reduce pain and improve range of motion. If required, they may also recommend exercises or stretches to help strengthen weak muscles and further increase range of motion.

Manual Therapy is a great way to help manage neck & back pain, and many osteopaths and physiotherapists alike are incorporating manual therapy into their treatments.

Treating carpal tunnel syndrome with manual therapy ​

For carpal tunnel syndrome, manual therapists may use manipulation techniques to reduce pressure on the median nerve. They may also use manual mobilisation techniques to increase range of motion in the wrist and forearm, reduce swelling and promote healing.

Exercises can be used to help strengthen weak muscles, improve coordination and restore balance in the wrist and hand. In addition, manual therapists may use manual massage techniques to reduce inflammation, release tension and encourage circulation.

Treating arthritis - Increasing joint mobility with manual therapy ​

For those with arthritis, manual therapy can be an effective treatment option. Manual manipulation techniques can be used to reduce inflammation and increase range of motion in affected joints.

Soft tissue massage may also be used to reduce stiffness and discomfort in the joint area. While there is no cure for arthritis, we can help alleviate some of the pain symptoms and allow for more comfortable daily living.

Improving circulation for diabetics & those diagnosed with Raynaud’s​

Manual therapy can be beneficial for diabetics, as it helps to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Manipulation techniques such as joint mobilisation and manual stretching can help reduce muscle tension while manual massage techniques promote relaxation and encourage better blood flow. This can help improve energy levels and reduce the symptoms associated with diabetes.

For those suffering from Raynaud’s disease, manual therapy can help improve circulation and reduce the symptoms of pain, numbness and coldness in the extremities. Manual massage techniques can be used to increase blood flow by releasing tension in the muscles and encouraging relaxation. Joint mobilisation techniques may also be used to reduce stiffness and improve range of motion in the affected areas.


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