Paul-Cristian Stoenescu - Osteopath

Bukit Timah (Guthrie House)

Registered Osteopath (The General Osteopathic Council, Agence Régionale de Santé)

Registered Physiotherapist (The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Health & Care Professions Council, French National Council of Physiotherapists)

• Master of Science in Osteopathy (University College of Osteopathy)
• Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași)

Osteopathy, Dry-needling, Manual Therapy, TMD, Chronic Headache, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pathology and Posture-related Issues.


Paul is a therapist who is certified in both osteopathy & physiotherapy. He holds a Master’s degree in Osteopathy from the prestigious University College of Osteopathy in London and is a registered practitioner in both the United Kingdom and France. He also has a medical acupuncture certification from the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Paul has over ten years of experience in boutique and international multidisciplinary practices, having worked in London, Paris, and Singapore. His treatments are a collaborative experience that combines osteopathic manual therapy with scientific evidence-based rehabilitation programs, drawing on both lineages of knowledge to provide a beautiful, in-depth, and holistic treatment.

Paul enjoys combining his personal sports experience (ex. tennis player and coach) with a professional understanding of biomechanics to achieve the best possible recovery rates and prevent further injuries. His philosophy has remained unchanged to this day, with the goal of improving an individual’s function and relieving pain for optimum well-being. He has extensive experience treating world-class athletes ranging from ATP players to Rugby 7s and elite fighters, assisting them in regaining fitness and excelling in their athletic careers.

He specializes in working with people who have complicated long-term conditions, such as TMJ dysfunction, chronic headaches, low back pain, shoulder pathologies, and posture issues caused by prolonged office work.

His primary goal is to build strong relationships with his patients while assisting them in recovering through education, support, osteopathic manual therapy, and active rehabilitation. He’s an holistic therapist who guides his patients through exercises and lifestyle hacks in a safe and effective manner, allowing them to return to normal daily and sporting activities.

In practice, he applies his previous professional skills and dual prior learning experience in France and London to tailor his treatment to the individual, always aiming to optimize the patient’s health while maintaining a friendly and professional demeanor.

His treatment is primarily structural, but he incorporates other approaches as needed, such as Physiotherapy and Exercises Prescription, Medical Acupuncture, Balanced Ligamentous Tension, and Still Technique. This approach can be extremely beneficial, especially for patients suffering from long-term chronic pain for which no anatomical source of pain has been identified despite numerous scans.