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Craniosacral Therapy uses subtle, gentle and specific manipulation to help reduce the presence of stress and tension throughout the entire body. It can be referred to as osteopathy in the cranial field.

Craniosacral treatments can be applied to treat a broad range of conditions in anyone from children to the elderly. Many osteopaths specialise in certain areas such as paediatrics, sports injuries and visceral osteopathy (relating to the body’s internal organs) — craniosacral therapy encompasses all of these areas.

How does Craniosacral Treatment work?

Cranial osteopaths undergo extensive training to identify extremely subtle changes in the shape of body tissues, which is known as the Cranial Rhythm or Involuntary Motion. Because the movement is very hard to detect, practitioners require an exceptional sense of touch to provide treatment.

Dr William G. Sutherland was the first to describe this movement — or ‘rhythm’— as early as the 1900s. It was backed by research into the field throughout the 1960s and 70s which comprised a number of laboratory tests.

Assessing the Condition of the Body when muscles tighten up

Tension throughout the body can hinder its rhythm and subsequently be detected by a practitioner. During craniosacral therapy at our Singapore clinic, specialised techniques are used to identify strains and stresses being placed on the body at present with past history taken into account; the process gives the practitioner an idea of the body’s general condition and wellbeing and whether the patient is suffering from stress or fatigue.

Both emotional and physical stress can cause tension in muscle tissue with both a short and long term effect. Even if the body has managed to cope with the short term tension, there can be a lasting strain that continually affects the movement of the body. It becomes a particular concern when the body is placed under repeated stress and cannot cope with the effects that accumulate over time.

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