Children’s Health

Children’s Health

Every parent’s prerogative is to provide the best environment that supports their child’s health to develop, grow and flourish.

A child’s health needs are different during different stages of development.
At City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy we have practitioners who have specialised in paediatric care, so that as your child grows from a baby, to toddler, to teenager we are able to consider each individual child’s needs and give the appropriate advice and treatment.

When your child is unwell, getting the right information and advice is essential.

What do we offer?

Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathy for Newborns, Babies & Children. Feed and sleep issues, colic and reflux, growing pains and more.

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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Dedicated Kids Physiotherapists treating babies and children. Support your child’s physical and neurological development.

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