Child Growing Pains

What are Growing Pains?

Growing pains are aches in the legs often felt in the thigh, calf and front of the shin. Children usually complain of the pain towards the end of the day or during the night. The pain can come and go. The cause of growing pains is unknown, but is thought to result from strain and fatigue in a muscle commonly during periods of growth. 

When should you be concerned about your Child’s Leg Pain?

Growing pains can be a normal part of a child’s growth and development. There are some occasions when a review by our experienced practitioners would be recommended to make sure there is no other reason for the pain: 

  • Constant pain or pain in the mornings
  • Pain related to an injury 
  • Swelling, stiffness, or redness in a joint 
  • Fever or rash
  • A change in the way they are walking 
  • A change in their behaviour such as loss of appetite or low energy levels

How to treat Child Growing Pains?

Growing pains can be relieved by heat and massage. Consulting a health professional is important if you are worried about your child’s growing pains. There are exercises and stretches that can be given by a Physiotherapist to help manage your child’s pain. 


What age do growing pains start?

Growing pains are most common in preschool and school aged children. Leg pains in older children and adolescents, such as in the heel or the front of the knee, can be caused by other problems and should be reviewed by a Physiotherapist.

What age do growing pains stop?

Growing pains tend to stop when the child stops growing. They can be more severe during rapid periods of growth and with increased levels of activity.

Can growing pains make a child cry?

Growing pains can be a very unsettling experience for a child. Children with growing pains can wake at night and they may cry. An important part of managing growing pains is reassuring the child that these pains are a normal part of their body growing and changing and they will go away.

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