Postpartum Osteopathy

What is Postpartum Osteopathy?

Postpartum or postnatal osteopathy is osteopathic treatment focused on addressing the needs of a woman following the birth of her child. 

Why Would You See An Osteopath After Giving Birth?

During pregnancy, the body undergoes immense physical changes both structurally and hormonally in a very short space of time due to shifting posture, centre of gravity, and more lax ligaments.

In addition the growing foetus/baby puts pressure on the diaphragm, abdominal and pelvic organs, which can compromise venous supply and lymphatic drainage.

During birth, the body goes through further immense changes in a shorter period of time, and postpartum (on your journey to reverting to your previous self) you experience great changes both internally, and in how you carry yourself, in addition to the physical stresses involved in caring for your new baby. 

Osteopaths are qualified to help relieve symptoms of pain or discomfort, help guide a new mother’s body toward it’s original health and restore posture using gentle treatment involving soft tissue release techniques, fascial unwinding and where required, gentle joint manipulation. The safety of the mother and baby is paramount at all times.

Osteopathy After C-Section

In case of a caesarean section, you can receive postpartum care, even if your scar is “fresh”.

Your osteopath will not work on the scar directly, but can promote proper healing by working the tissues around the c-section site.

They will also make sure that your scar does not cause any tension which should help prevent pain in the future.

Caesarean sections can cause scar tissue on the uterus and pelvic tissues as well. Releasing adhesions and mobilising the scar tissue can alleviate low back and pelvic pain. This work is also essential for future comfort, reproductive health, fertility and successful vaginal births.

Osteopathy After Natural Childbirth

In addition to what has been mentioned above, receiving postpartum osteopathic care can optimise healing. 

It’s very common to experience various strains and compensation patterns following pregnancy and delivery, particularly if you’ve had certain kinds of intervention such as episiotomy or forceps. 

Attending to these patterns and strains, in addition to restoring good breathing technique and helping calm the nervous system, osteopathy will help the body recover and function as best it can, invaluably to allow you to be the most comfortable happy version of yourself in your new motherhood.  

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