Pre Operative Physiotherapy

Why is Pre Operative Physiotherapy important?

Physiotherapy starts even before your surgery. Pre operative physiotherapy aims to optimise the function of the affected area as best as we can. We focus on minimising any pain or swelling you may have and restoring joint movement and muscle. Preoperative physiotherapy is a great advantage to patients, as the better you are doing pre surgery, the better you will do post surgery. It is also an ideal opportunity to discuss what to expect after your surgery and bring up any questions you may have.

The Benefits of Pre Operative Physiotherapy Preparation

It may be a little difficult to see why you need physio before surgery, but participating in it before going under the knife may be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy Reduces Recovery Time

A recent Cocharane systematic review has revealed that pre-operative physiotherapy is effective for improving outcomes following ACL surgery, including increasing knee function and improving muscle strength as well as better mental and physical well-being.

Pre-Operative Physical Therapy Can Shorten Hospitalization

Patients who are prone to complications after surgery or who are at a high risk for transfer to an acute care rehabilitation facility can shorten the length of their stay with pre-operative physiotherapy. From joint replacement to cardio-thoracic surgery, low intensity exercise, under the guidance of a physiotherapist improves circulation which in turn speeds the body’s healing response. Likewise, patients who strengthen muscles in their core, arms, legs, and back are less likely to experience large amounts of muscle wasting during their recovery. This often delays a patient’s return home even if they are healing well. Even a patient’s balance can be improved before surgery, diminishing the likelihood of falls, which could result in longer hospital stays.

Pre-Operative Physical Therapy May Prevent Surgery Altogether

Even though preoperative physiotherapy meets a different objective than post-operative physiotherapy, working with a physio prior to surgery may yield surprising results. You may not need surgery. While this is not the case with all patients or injuries, physiotherapy may help soft tissue injuries heal while restoring function to a level that surgery is not required. 

Physiotherapists are experts in restoring movement and function throughout the body, with or without surgical intervention. If you are considering surgery on any soft tissue injury, give pre-operative physiotherapy a try first. You may be surprised by your results.

From accelerating recovery times and shortening hospital stays, to improving function and healing of soft tissue injuries, pre-operative physiotherapy is an integral part to maximising your recovery: to Move better, Live better.

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