Sports Therapy

What does a Sport Therapist do?

At City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy our therapists work with a huge variety of athletes from recreational to professional athletes and teams involved in all sorts of different sports, using their experience, knowledge and skills they help with:

  • Optimising and maintaining performance and injury prevention. Mentally and physically preparing athletes before and after competition such as the use of strapping, taping and massage.
  • Treating acute injuries by providing emergency care
  • Examining, treating and rehabilitating injuries and providing guidance to the athlete as to when they can return to the sport or exercise safely or whether they can continue during an event.
  • Supervising fitness assessments and providing prescriptive exercises to help improve performance or mobility.
  • Treating, rehabilitating injuries and alleviating pain using manual therapy, joint mobilisation and exercise techniques.

We have a wealth of experience working with:

  • International rugby players
  • Professional football players
  • Olympic and Paralympic athletes
  • Club level and amateur competitors
  • Triathletes and weekend warriors

Our therapists possess diverse areas of sports-specific knowledge of:

  • Competitive rugby
  • Football
  • Weight lifting
  • Sailing
  • Hockey
  • Boxing including Muay Thai kickboxing
  • Wake-boarding
  • Marathon running
  • Triathlons
  • ‘Overhead’ games (tennis, badminton, cricket, water polo, netball, basketball, throwing)
  • Ballet and contemporary dance
  • Gymnastics

Returning to sport too soon can lead to a backward step in progress and eventually lead to even more time on the sidelines. It is important to have an individually planned rehabilitation program that works through the steps of proprioception, stretching, strengthening and eventually going back to playing sport.

Obviously, prevention is better than cure and our therapists will always advise the athlete on how to prevent recurrence of the injury upon return to sport. The underlying principle behind our treatment for all patients is to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. By visiting our sports injury clinic in Singapore, patients can then return to optimal function as quickly as possible with the minimum risk of recurrence.

Treatment Overview


What is the difference between a Sports Therapist and Physiotherapist?

The main difference between a Sports Therapist and Physiotherapist is in the training. A Sports Therapist will have specific knowledge and training in sports orientated performance optimisation, rehabilitation, massage skills and exercise prescription.

Physiotherapists have a more extensive medical training and understanding of the overall management of a patient. They have experience and knowledge to be able to treat not only sports injuries, but work with patients who have illness, injury, disease, neurological issues, degenerative issues and surgery.

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