Flat head treatment for babies

Does your baby’s head look flat or uneven?

They might have plagiocephaly which could be congenital or caused by their sleeping position.

Beyond the cosmetic aspect of a flat head, is there a cause for concern if left untreated?

We’re here to help you navigate treatment for flat head in babies.

What causes a flat head?

Flat head, also known as plagiocephaly, is typically caused by position or congenital.

For positional plagiocephaly, it could occur when babies spend too much time lying on their backs, causing the back of their heads to become flattened. Preterm babies usually spend more time on their backs during the first weeks of life. 

For congenital plagiocephaly, being a twin or triplet could be a cause due to tighter space in the womb.

Thankfully, in majority of cases, having a flat head does not affect brain development or growth.

How do we treat flat head without helmet therapy?

Cranial osteopathy focuses on very gentle manual therapy to remove disturbances along sutures of the skull.

Our physiotherapists also focus on correctional exercises (e.g. tummy time) and stretches along the neck are to help encourage babies to reduce lying or sleeping on one side only.


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