Wan Ying Teh - Senior Physiotherapist

Bukit Timah (Guthrie House) & Woodleigh (The Woodleigh Mall)

Registered Physiotherapist (Allied Health Professions Council)

• Master of Advanced Physiotherapy in Paediatrics (University College London)
• Bachelor of Physiotherapy (National University of Malaysia)
• Certified Instructor of Infant Massage (CIMI)

• Paediatric Physiotherapy
• Early Intervention
• Adolescents Sports/Performance
• Women's Pelvic Health

English, Mandarin, Malay, Dialects (Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew)


Women's Health Therapy

Wan Ying is a highly skilled and dedicated Senior Physiotherapist with an impressive list of qualifications and expertise in various areas of specialisation. With over 13 years of experience, Wan Ying has dedicated her career to helping children with developmental delays and physical disabilities. Her extensive expertise spans neonatal, paediatric, and women’s health specialities.

Wan Ying holds a Master of Advanced Physiotherapy in Paediatrics from University College London, where she honed her expertise in the field of paediatric physiotherapy. Additionally, she is a Certified Instructor of Infant Massage (CIMI).

One of Wan Ying’s core beliefs is in the power of early intervention and providing effective therapeutic support to her patients. She understands that by addressing issues at an early stage, she can help pave the way for children to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling, happy, and healthy lives.

Wan Ying’s vast experience encompasses a wide range of conditions and disorders. She excels in cases involving developmental delay, coordination disorders, cerebral palsy, paediatric brain and spinal cord injuries, and spinal cord conditions like Spina bifida. Her expertise in these areas allows her to provide comprehensive and specialised care to children with neurological challenges.

In addition to her expertise in neuro-related conditions, Wan Ying has also successfully worked with children experiencing plagiocephaly, torticollis, musculoskeletal variants such as flat feet, knock knees, and in-toeing. 

In addition to her extensive qualifications and expertise, Wan Ying is multilingual, able to communicate fluently in English, Mandarin, Malay, and various dialects, including Cantonese, Hokkien, and Teochew. This language proficiency enables her to establish effective and meaningful connections with her patients and their families, ensuring a comfortable and supportive therapeutic environment.

Hear from their patients

Seah Pei Yee
8 Nov 2023
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Brought my 2mo baby for a comprehensive assessment cum consultation for Baby Developmental Milestones at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy and was pleasantly surprised about the great experience we had there. It was so much more than the regular touch-and-go check-ups at polyclinics! The paediatric physiotherapist, Wan Ying checked in with us on our concerns with baby before performing an extensive evaluation of baby’s developmental milestones including his reflexes, motor skills, visual and hearing. Along the way, she guided me on the proper ways to practise tummy time for baby, the ergonomic ways of carrying baby to calm him down yet not break my back and tummy massage to help with baby colic. Even for a third time mum, there is so much things to learn. At the end of the session, we not only had a piece of mind that our baby is strong and doing well for baby his age, but also learned how to engage him in activities that will support his growth and learning.
Hongyi Ouyang
20 Oct 2023
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thankful for Wan Ting’s help for the past 13 sessions and counting as I recover from ACL and meniscus knee injury. Wan Ying is very patient and detailed and her guidance encouraged me to do more myself too. also, the clinic staff are always very friendly and attentive. thank you!!
Doris Lim
27 Sep 2023
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We met Wan Ying in 2019 and has been with her since. Wan Ying is a dedicated, professional, patient physiotherapy. Wan Ying has been journeying with my child for all the milestones development and we are glad to cross path with her. She is very patient, skillful and offers practical advises to help further in motor skills development. Highly recommended for Wan Ying!
Nusrah Ramlee
18 Aug 2023
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I would like commend Wan Ying for her dedication towards my daughter. My daughter is delayed in many aspects of her development. She has been with Wan Ying since she was an infant and Wan Ying has worked tirelessly with her to work on her muscle. Initially she can’t even lift her neck, now she is able to pivot, sit independently and is able to straighten her leg to stand and many more. Wan Ying taught us on how to help our daughter at home so that she can continue to progress on days she does not have therapy. She went beyond her job scope to send us exercise videos so that we can give it to our daughter’s infant care teacher to help her with the physio. These exercises were simple to do for noob and busy parents like us. Furthermore, she is gentle and caring to my daughter despite my daughter’s constant whining. And doesn’t give up in my daughter. For that we are thankful.
Desiree S
15 Aug 2023
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My infant has been going for paediatric PT with Wan Ying. Her experience really shines through in how she helped to address various issues with our baby. With her guidance, we were able to manage my baby’s colic and reflux issues better. Subsequently, she helped our baby work towards achieving her developmental milestones and identified areas requiring more attention. As a first-time parent, I took away so much from our sessions together and am also reassured that my baby’s development receives the appropriate level of attention.
Juri Suzuki
15 Aug 2023
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My experience was very good, there was a detailed check and consultation to start with, and leant some exercises to follow. Helps very much to manage the pain.
Grace Bay
14 Aug 2023
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Excellent sessions with Wan Ying. She is very patient and knows her craft. I am confident in her skill and expertise.
Jiayun Ho
27 Jul 2023
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Brought baby to see paediatric physiotherapist Wan Ying due to motor delay concerns. Wan Ying is knowledgeable and clear, interacts well with baby, and guides us to help baby progress. Receptionists here are friendly too. 👍🏼