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Shoulder Dislocation – Physical Therapy Guide

The shoulder joint, which links the upper arm to the shoulder blade, is the most mobile joint in the human body. This ball-and-socket joint allows for a wide range of movement, namely extension, flexion, abduction, adduction, internal and external rotation. However, this mobility comes at the expense of stability, making the shoulder susceptible to dislocations. […]

Hamstring injuries – A physiotherapist’s perspective

The hamstrings are an incredibly strong group of muscles (biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus) that run at the back of the thigh, between your hips and knees, and are responsible for explosive movements (think running, jumping, kicking and climbing). Specifically, movements which require any flexion of the knees engage the hamstrings. Injuries to the hamstrings […]

Ankle injury

Sprain Vs Strain

Ankle Injuries – What is the difference and how do you treat them? “I heard a ‘pop’ as my ankle contorted and stretched to keep me standing up” Written by Keturah Hughes – Osteopath One crisp, clear, winters morning few years ago, I was out running in the rolling hills of the British countryside, enjoying […]

The Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain

Are you suffering with pain from an old injury? Or do you have unexplained pain throughout your body that has been unresponsive to medical treatments? Do you have intense pain in your arm and neck that prevents you from moving functionally? Do you have pain that Medical Professionals say is “in your head” and offers […]