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Do We Need To Stretch?

Stretching is synonymous within the health, fitness, sporting and rehabilitation world for being a panacea. Flexibility, one of the pillars of fitness, is closely linked to stretching. It is taught from a young age that stretching can prevent injury, reduce pain and make us better athletes. But how does this ingrained belief stack up against […]

A Guide To Better Breathing, Joel Simpson

While many patients come to us with sleep issues, we also help patients with a multitude of breathing issues – the most common being asthma, but also cystic fibrosis and some neurological diseases. For all of these, there are a number of evidence-based additive treatments that can be used alongside traditional therapies. The main one […]

Ayurveda and You

Ayurveda ( Ayur = life, Veda= science of knowledge) is a 5000 year old system of natural healing that has its origins in India. It emphasizes establishing balance in the body through a connection with nature, nourishing foods, exercise, and ideal daily and seasonal routines. Ayurveda provides a system of guidelines to remind us that […]

How to look after your Heart

Our heart is an amazing organ This powerful muscle, essential for the formation and survival of the foetus, is the first organ to form and function as a baby develops in the womb. Around day 21 of a human pregnancy, this tireless body part starts to pump, and from that moment on there is no going back as it […]