Sports Taping

What is Sports Taping?

Sports taping is when specific types of tape are applied to the skin over parts of the body to hold them in position and provide support, stability and awareness to joints, muscles and bones during activity.

What is Sport Tape used for?

Taping can be used for many problems in various areas of the body. Taping can help to reduce swelling in acute injuries and act as a splint in more severe injuries, as well as helping in the recovery from overuse injuries and can act as a stabiliser during athletic performance and competition.

It is commonly used in sports for conditions such as:

> Wrist sprain
> Tennis elbow
> Golfers elbow
> Rotator cuff injuries
> Hamstring injuries
> Forearm strain
> Bicep injuries
> Neck pain and injuries
> Lateral foot pain (side of the foot pain)
> Ankle injuries
> Runners knee
> Carpal tunnel syndrome
> Football injuries


What is KT tape?

KT tape stands for kinetic tape, it is a specific brand of sports tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support.

What does KT tape actually do?

It is believed that KT tape when applied to an injured and inflamed area of the body, helps to encourage lymphatic drainage and circulation to and from the area, decompressing the area and relieving pain.

How long can you leave KT tape on?

KT tape can be left on for days, but it is recommended not to leave it on for more than 5 days at a time.

What do the different colors of KT Tape mean?

There is no difference between the resistance or strength and support of the different colours of KT tape. KT tape colours were developed for personal style and preference.

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