Osteopathy & Physiotherapy at River Valley

Nestled within the vibrant quay-side district, City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy clinic at UE Square offers a sanctuary of healing amidst the bustling energy of Singapore's riverside.

Discover holistic well-being and comprehensive pain relief at our River Valley Osteopathy & Physiotherapy clinic, conveniently situated just a leisurely 3-minute stroll from Fort Canning MRT station. Nestled within the iconic UE Square complex, our clinic is a riverside haven surrounded by charming cafes, boutique shops, and cultural attractions.

Our team of experts, including Osteopaths, physiotherapists, and massage therapists, is dedicated to your health and wellness journey. Whether you seek relief from pain, improved mobility, or simply a moment of tranquility, we are here to guide you on your path to optimal health.

Manual therapy by physiotherapist for pinched nerve

Our River Valley Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Clinic

Address: 81 Clemenceau Avenue, UE Square, #03-22, S239917
(located within The Moving Body)

Contact us: Call | Whatsapp

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 8 am to 1 pm
Monday, Wednesday – Sunday: Closed 

Why head down to our River Valley Osteopathy & Physiotherapy clinic?

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Nestled within the enchanting ambiance of River Valley, our clinic serves as a tranquil haven dedicated to your peace and well-being. Surrounded by the captivating allure of the riverside, we are committed to providing you with personalised care from our team of highly skilled osteopaths and physiotherapists, aimed at alleviating pain, restoring mobility, and enhancing your overall quality of life.

As you embark on your transformative journey towards healing and holistic well-being, immerse yourself in the beguiling charm of this riverside neighbourhood. The tranquil riverfront and the vibrant atmosphere of River Valley create an idyllic setting for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care.

Before and after your appointments with us, we invite you to take leisurely strolls along the picturesque riverside promenade. Explore the mesmerising blend of modernity and heritage, where contemporary cafes and boutique shops harmoniously coexist with historic landmarks. Discover firsthand why this locale is celebrated as one of Singapore’s hidden gems.

At our River Valley clinic, we not only offer expert care but also invite you to savour the unique charm and vitality of this vibrant riverside precinct. Let us be your partners in health and exploration as you experience the harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary living in this captivating corner of Singapore.

How to get to our River Valley Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Clinic


Nearest MRT Stations:

  • Fort Canning (DT20)
  • Clark Quay (NE5)
  • Chinatown (DT19/NE4)

By bus: 

Nearest bus stops:

  • UE Sq (04321)
  • Bef Mohd Sultan Rd (13109)

By Car: 

Parking options:

Our Services at River Valley

Our expert team at the River Valley clinic provides manual hands-on therapy and corrective exercises to help you move better and feel better. 

Our team comprises



Osteopathy takes a full-body approach that doesn’t just focus on your symptoms, but focuses on getting to the root cause of your condition.

Our osteopaths utilise various methods from our healing toolkit, such as:

Highly rated physiotherapist Singapore


Physiotherapy focuses on designing tailored treatments & exercise plans to support recovery, rehabilitation, and performance optimisation.

Our physiotherapists may use treatment methods from our healing toolkit, such as:

Massage Therpay


Sports massage therapy focuses on manual therapy to knead and manipulate muscles and other soft tissues of the body. All sessions include hands-on manual therapy.

Some types of massage provided are:

First Session Fees

Osteopathy or Physiotherapy

$ 190
  • Initial Consultation & Treatment

Specialist Physiotherapy

$ 225
  • Paediatric, Women's & Men's Health

Sports Massage Therapy

$ 150
  • Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release

*Different rates apply for Clinical Leads and Senior Practitioners.

Does insurance cover the session?

City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy offers direct billing service for several insurance providers:

To enjoy cashless transaction please bring with you:

  • membership card
  • doctor’s referral letter (if needed per your insurance policy) 
  • LOG – letter of guarantee (if applicable)


Don’t worry if your insurance is not listed here. After each session we will email you an itemized bill so you can submit it for reimbursement.

We do not charge for completing medical insurance forms, but an administration fee is charged if an official letter or report is required to be produced for the insurance company or other entity.

  • Filling out insurance forms: Free
  • Writing a letter to insurance companies: $140
  • Full medical report for insurance companies or other entity: From $250

Our Team

at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in River Valley

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Cesar Seguban