When you visit one of our clinics in Singapore for treatment, your individual circumstances and medical history will be taken into account to identify the cause of your pain to ensure you get exactly the care you need to be restored to full function.

Your practitioner will ask you some questions related to your current issue and previous medical history and might ask you to perform some physical assessment tests.

The most important thing is safety and if you’re not comfortable doing movements or tests you simply don’t do them and you let us know that that’s the case, not an issue with that at all.

From these questions and tests your therapist will be able to diagnose your problem and will be able to explain to you what is suspected to have contributed to your problem and create a tailored made plan for you, so that they can help you to get better.

Treatment Modalities

Our practitioners have experience with a wide variety of treatment modalities that can be used depending upon your diagnosis. These treatment options include:

Personalized health care services