Ben Muir – Physiotherapist (Now Working and living in the UK)

Ben Muir

Ben was a pivotal part of our clinic family here at Robinson Road and adored by us all. Ben has moved back to the UK to work and we wish him all the best for the future. Ben’s past and current patients are being cared for by the other three members of the Robinson Road physiotherapy team, providing the same high quality assessment and treatment.



Ben is a chartered physiotherapist from the UK. His knowledge and experience comes from a rounded background of pulmonary, neurological and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Specialising in musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, with keen interest in the neck, lower back and pelvis, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

Ben’s main area of interest is the biomechanics of the body, he aims each treatment to correct the route cause of the injury and optimise the biomechanics of the body, therefore preventing further risk of injury and a long term cure for pain.

He is very experienced in rehabilitation following injury and surgery (particularly ACL reconstructions, and shoulder surgery) valuing core strength and plyometric training as a major contributor to restoring correct biomechanics.

His approach is individualised to each patient, making treatment as effective, functional and as progressive as possible.

Ben has a vast sporting background, of rugby, football, basketball, kickboxing, wakeboarding, triathlons, golf and many racket sports. He has had valuable experience in treating international rugby players, professional Muay Thai fighters, professional ball room dancers, competitive wake boarders, iron man tri-athletes, and marathon runners, and many other recreational sports players.