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How to squat and how to not

The trials and tribulations of the perfect squat:Physical Therapy Guide   We have all come across those squat challenges which promise to give strong legs and a perfect butt. Despite being a very common and popular exercise, a lot of us struggle to get the squat form right. It is an exercise that is used a lot […]

7 tips for the perfect run!

As a physiotherapist and a runner myself I’m going to run through how to stay injury free and get the most out fo your running. There is always another big race to prepare for, whether it’s a 5km Fun Run or the Standard Chartered Marathon these tips will help you reach your goal without getting […]

Knee pain a.k.a patellofemoral pain- the why’s and how’s.

Matt Cornwall, Physiotherapist at our Guthrie House branch, discusses patellofemoral pain, a very common knee complaint that can affect people of all ages and can interfere with functional day to day activities and sport.   What’s the role of the patella (knee cap)? The patella essentially functions as an anatomic pulley for the quadriceps muscle. It […]