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Andrea Lliso

​​Osteopath, MOst, Registered Osteopath UK
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  • Structural osteopathy
  • Paediatric osteopathy
  • Viscera osteopathy
  • Cranial osteopathy
  • Functional osteopathy
  • Paediatric osteopathy
  • Obstetric and Women Health osteopathy
  • Cupping
  • Dry needling


  • English
  • French


Born in Paris, I graduated with a master’s degree from the European School of Osteopathy in England.

By integrating all the various osteopathic techniques and models such as structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy, I aim to find what best suits my patients to bring them back to a healthier life.

Using this holistic approach and patient-practitioner collaboration, I create the right therapeutic environment and treatment plan for the patients, considering all aspects of their life. The treatments include a variety of techniques to be as effective as possible, making sure that my patients receive the best outcomes possible. Lifestyle and day to day advises such as exercises or how to remove damaging habits that can maintain and create pain are always part of the treatments. This approach allows my patients to get better and prevent future injury as well as feeling as best as possible in their body.

I understand that knowledge is power and aim to educate my patients about pain and the factors that led them to feel discomfort as well as how the treatment is going to help them. Although I strongly believe in a structural approach, I know that humans are much more than that and always aim to improve well-being, not just physically but also mentally. This is done by acknowledging that our mind and body are part of a whole and interconnected.

I also use cupping therapy, an effective way to improve blood or lymphatic fluid circulation, relax and heal body tissues. This can help in treating a variety of conditions, work on the body energy and is a great tool to gain time in the treatment room. Dry-needling, or western acupuncture, is also a technique that I use in my practice if it fits the patient’s needs. This further helps treating chronic or acute injury that are sometimes difficult to treat manually or that resisted to other treatments. I love continuous learning, and reflective work. I am currently learning hypnosis which I will practice later in the year.

During my training and career in London, I treated patients of all ages, from babies to older adults, pregnant women and patients with work related issues, such as office and construction workers, hairdressers as well as professional athletes to cite a few. I love meeting people of all background and helping them with my passion, Osteopathy.

My other passions include eating all sorts of tasty food as well as riding skateboards, skates and surfboards. I also did martial arts which helped understanding the importance of breathing and self-control to manage all sorts of stressful situations.

Treatments are possible in English and in French.


I had my first session with Andrea (Novena Center) and it was amazing! He really took time to understand why I was coming and took time as well to do the treatment, in a very soft way. I really appreciated and will come back for sure. Thanks Andrea!

Laure Urbin de Vienne
Aug 31, 2021

Andrea is very professional and efficient. He took the time to listen to me, understand the situation and carry me through his process. He is very friendly and passionate. I recommend!

Sep 24, 2021

Andrea was very patient and meticulous when I visited the Novena outlet due to shoulder ache. Felt much better after the session, he provided explanation and ensure that I was comfortable throughout the session. Simple exercise was taught to help with the pain. Highly recommend visiting Andrea and the Novena outlet.

SL Yip
Sep 23, 2021